Owner, Social Media Manager, Coach
  • Youth Classes
Coach Emily

Coach Emily (aka EB) keeps our awesome gym afloat!  Emily supports her husband, Coach Nate, with much of the behind the scenes work to keep our doors open and our name out in the community.   Emily and Nate started the gym in May of 2012 and over the past several years have guided it to the success that it is today.

In July 2019 they started a non-profit called Love2Play.  Love2Play is designed for kids three to five years old and works to keep them moving and encourage a lifetime of LOVING to PLAY!  Emily runs the non-profit and shares coaching duties with Nate.  As a coach, Emily is patient, kind, and great at encouraging the youngsters to try new things.  Emily is the middle child of seven and an auntie to 18!  She definitely has lots of experience keeping kids engaged and having fun.  

Emily has always loved to be active. She started playing soccer when she was six and continued into adulthood.  When she was introduced to CrossFit, she found it to be a fun replacement for the soccer league’s late-night games (which were often hard to fit into a working mom’s schedule).  Now, she enjoys all the classes that HFF has to offer and you will often find her at spin, yoga, and CrossFit classes throughout the day.  She also likes to compete in partner or team CrossFit competitions a few times each year.

Coach Emily is the definition of “small but mighty” and has a wonderful tenacious personality.  She is the mother to three young boys and they definitely keep her on her toes.  The biggest fitness struggle she faces now is finding time to squeeze-in a workout.  But Emily is creative, and even when she can’t make it to the gym, she comes up with of imaginative ways to keep herself fit and healthy at home. 

When she is not at the gym or wrangling one of her boys, Emily is a Special Education teacher at East Lansing High School.  She enjoys singing and playing trivia. Emily has a beautiful voice and is part of a local band that performs for charities.