You might be asking yourself, “Is CrossFit for me? Can I even do THIS?” the answer is a resounding, “YES!”

One of the first things you will discover about CrossFit is that is indeed for EVERYONE. CrossFit does not let age define the athlete. It does not discriminate based on your athletic ability either; Whether you are a former top-level competitor or someone who has not worked out in several years, CrossFit is for you!

Each one-hour class begins with the coach explaining the Workout of The Day (aka the WOD). We like to keep things constantly varied, so the WOD is different every single day. WODs can be anywhere from 5 to 35 minutes long and all the movements can be scaled to match the ability of each athlete. Movements vary but you can expect cardio, weightlifting, and/or gymnastic elements.

The warm up is done as a group, and then we get some mobility, skill, or strength work in. After that, the fun begins! The coach will yell, "3…2…1.." and its GO time! The music is pumping as you get down to business. The best part is that your fellow athletes are there to motivate you and cheer you on. It does not matter if you finish first or last, we always end class with a round of High Fives!


We love to have athletes from other CrossFit affiliates drop-in to visit! However, we do require that you have previous CrossFit experience. Our drop-in fee is $15. Please click the Get Started button to contact us!

If you have never done CrossFit before, please read our Kickstart Training section for more info.


In 2019, Level Method programming was added to our CrossFit classes. The Level Method is a system that will show you and your coaches exactly where you are on your fitness journey and provide a progressive map of how to achieve your goals. The levels are similar to the martial arts colored belt ranking system: white to black. Every time you level up you get a certificate and celebrate with your teammates! Then, you set your sights on the next rung of the ladder and keep climbing.

KickStart Training

Don’t let the word "CrossFit" intimidate you. During your one-on-one Kickstart Training session you will learn the basic movements, pick-up the lingo, and meet the coaches before you start attending class with the rest of the gym. Kickstart Training introduces you to the movements gradually during a few personal sessions and our coaches are there with you every step of the way!

Kickstart Training can be scheduled at your convenience. Click the Get Started button to sign up for a Free Trial class and schedule your KickStart Training.

(Please note: Kickstart Training is required specifically for CrossFit athletes only. It is not necessary for Spin, Other Classes, or Youth Programs)



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