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Coach TJ

Coach TJ has been coaching at High Five Fitness since January 2020.   He was a CrossFit athlete for several years prior, working out at Williamston CrossFit and a few other local gyms.  TJ is overflowing with positive energy and silliness. We are definitely never bored when TJ is at the gym!

As a coach, TJ is great at handling awkward silences with very specific (and goofy) ice-breaker questions.    He is also very interested in the detailed mechanics of lifting/moving correctly and could talk for hours about, for example, the deadlift setup.  TJ is one of our teen class coaches and his random knowledge bombs and positive vibes suit his audience perfectly.  He pushes the teens to work hard and they always leave with a smile on their face.   

Outside of HFF, TJ has raced motocross since he was about four years old.  He went pro in 2006 and qualified in multiple pro-national events (you might have seen him on TV!). He retired from his professional career after a couple years.  But in 2019 he randomly decided to try to qualify for nationals and he did!  As of July 2020, he is 11th in the nation.

TJ loves to workout but does struggle with a few old motocross injuries.  TJ says, “When I was 10 years old, I shattered my feet and broke my femur.  And in 2003 I broke my radius, ulna, and dislocated all but one of my carpel bones.  Anytime you come back from an injury it’s a journey.  You have to hold on to the future possibility of what will come of the short gains you make every day.  It’s the same in CrossFit and fitness in general.  An extra push-up here, some sweat there, some foam rolling over here…short gains for big wins.  When I broke my legs, my dad got me a bicycle.  He wasn’t being cruel or anything, he was giving me a goal to reach for, a vision for the future.  He was saying, ‘Someday you will be able to walk, then ride a bike, then ride a dirt bike again, don’t lose sight of where you are going’.  Some say the first job of a leader is to define reality.  I think that’s true.  The second job is to do the work and that’s what we are all doing here!  All of us have goals. Most of us are aware of our weaknesses in fitness and are reminded of them as CrossFit can be a relentless frenemy, always asking unceasingly of our personal excellence.  Those who have pressed into the uncomfortable places know that it is worth it."

TJ is the Director of Student Ministry at Riverview Church.  They preach the gospel and care about kids.  He is also on the board with the FCA MX and goes to motocross camps as a coach and minister.  He has a wife and a young son, enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and strumming on the guitar.   

Fitness related Certifications, Accreditations, Education, etc.:  CF-L1, Level Method Foundations