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Coach Sam

Coach Sam (aka Samantha) has been part of our crew since most of us can remember!  She started as an athlete in September of 2014 and only two months later joined the coaching team.  Sam previously coached youth basketball and it was obvious that she was a natural leader; she also was (and continues to be) very interested in learning and improving as an athlete and coach.     

Sam loves sports and competition.  She is very agile and often impresses us with her ninja-like skills!  In high school Sam played softball and basketball, even competing on travel teams.  She also played softball at a collegiate level, then joined a slow pitch league for a few years.  As far as CrossFit movements go, Sam loves the Olympic lifts (the snatch is her favorite) and gymnastic movements, such as muscle ups.  Sam has worked very hard since starting CrossFit to build up her strength.  She has drastically improved, but she says the front and back squat are her nemesis. 

When you attend one of Coach Sam’s classes, you can expect a low-key, chill atmosphere.  Sam likes to allow for athletes to move and do their thing before she steps in to make adjustments.  Sam is not one to get in your face and scream at you to push harder, but trust me, a quiet nudge from her will motivate you to work hard until the WOD is officially finished!  Sam says, “I love to coach because I love to help athletes with their fitness and reaching their goals.”

In addition to coaching, Sam is a PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant) at MSU Rehabilitation in East Lansing.  She is also the founder and owner of a nutrition counselling business, Nitro Nutrition, where she helps clients find a more balanced lifestyle. 

Sam loves to travel and be active and adventurous! She has a brother, Dylan and a sister, Sarah who are also both quite active.   Sam is very creative and enjoys doing home renovation/improvement projects.  Sam loves coffee and would like to own a coffee shop with Leighanne one day in Traverse City on the Bay! 

Fitness related Certifications, Accreditations, Education, etc.:  PTA, CF-L1, WAG Certified Nutrition Coach, Level Method Foundations, Kinesiotaping certified