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Coach Heather

Coach Heather (aka HG) started as a Williamston CrossFit athlete in March of 2014 and was instantly hooked.  She loved the support and encouragement she received from fellow athletes and the guidance from the coaches.  After a couple years, her natural charisma and guidance at the gym led her to become a coach in May of 2016.  HG is funny, caring, supportive and we love having her as a coach!

Heather enjoys being active in many different ways including participating in softball and soccer leagues, riding bikes with her kids, swimming, and just keeping her body moving. She played sports all through high school and ran on the track team for four years.  Now, HG likes to lift heavy, her favorites movement is the clean & jerk.  Running and rig movements, such as pull-ups or toes to bar, are her least favorite, BUT it is always a great day if she can get a workout in! 

When HG is your coach, expect class to be energetic and loud!  She likes to yell and encourage athletes during a workout.  She says, “I love to see my athletes working hard, hitting goals, killing WODs, and most of all, the smiles and high fives at the end!”.  At HFF, she loves being a part of helping people reach their goals, whatever they may be! 

Outside of coaching, Heather is what you could call “a jack of all trades”.  Amongst many other random jobs, she has worked for an Estate Planning Attorney since 2005 and also works at the Michigan Athletic Club (MAC) in the Kids Club as a caregiver since 2015.

HG loves the summer!  She enjoys hanging out at the lake on a boat, wakeboarding, skiing, and tubing with her kiddos.  She also likes to read and reads about one book a week.  Heather’s go-to karaoke song is “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey.  She can also recite the movie “Home Alone” word for word.

Fitness related Certifications, Accreditations, Education, etc.:  CF-L1, Level Method Foundations